Estate Planning

Ready to retire, but you’re unsure if your company is ready for succession and if you are ready to give up your usual income?

We can help!

Leave estate planning to our Toronto professionals!

NS Accounting has already helped dozens of clients in the Greater Toronto Area enjoy a care-free retirement by making sure that their business and personal finances are in perfect order.

Why let uncertainty erode your business’ value when you can enlist the help of professionals to make sure your finances and assets are protected.

We know that you care for your business – it’s your life’s work, after all. If you want to ensure your succession at its helm, we can help you ensure that it’s in good hands and, at the same time, that you maximize your wealth.

These are some of our estate planning services for business owners:

  • Identifying the value of your business through business valuation

  • Maximizing the value of your business through strategic planning

  • Tax planning, ensuring tax compliance and tax efficiency

  • Protecting your assets through techniques like tax rollover elections, trusts and/or estate freezes

  • Consulting and advice on how to sell, buy or change the ownership of your business the right way

  • Risk factors analysis and a strategy to mitigate the most significant risk factors

  • Shareholder compensation and agreements

  • Other common issues that may arise during the transition of your business like costs and timing

  • Additional services when needed:

    Pensions and profit sharing plans for new owners or retiring ones.

Your job now is to enjoy a care-free living!

However, when you retire, it’s not just your business that you need to take care of. Your personal estate planning is, perhaps, even more important. At NS Accounting our top priority is ensuring that you can enjoy your retirement and that you and your family are perfectly safe from a financial point of view.

Our retirement and estate planning services in the Greater Toronto Area include:

  • Pension planning

  • Solving any tax issues for clients who live outside the Canadian borders (US and non-US)

  • Setting up and administrating family trusts

  • Trunkey administration of your estate and freezes

  • Personalized advice on choosing the right wealth manager and on diversifying your investments for optimal results

  • Will drafting and planning

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Our estate planning services in Toronto include a detailed review of the potential tax consequences to your estate. We always make sure that you and your family get all the relevant information to make a solid decision that reflects both your needs and your lifestyle.

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We see no reason why retirement should mean that you can’t enjoy the same lifestyle you did so far. Thus, our experts will work to ensure that your estate planning allows you to choose the lifestyle you want and, at the same time, that your finances are optimally taken care of.

Call or email us for any of our services above or for a quick consultation on how to best tackle your estate planning!

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