NS Accounting specializes in a wide range of accounting services. We have been serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area for years, always making sure that they make the best financial decisions.

Our services are flexible, affordable and tailor-made to your needs.

We can serve you as your financial advisors, tax planners, estate planners and more.
NS Accounting can easily and quickly take care of your books, leaving you to focus on what really matters: growing your business. Our services are flexible, affordable and tailor-made to your needs.

Focus on growing your business. Leave accounting to us

If you’ve ever wondered what tax form you need to fill in or if you ever wrecked your brains figuring out what the best financial reporting tools are, then we’re a match made in heaven! Our savvy experts can help you lead your business better, more efficiently and more profitably.

Interested in becoming less stressed?

Here’s why you should choose NS Accounting as your accounting firm in the Greater Toronto Area.


We Go Beyond the Numbers

To you, accounting may be just a bunch of numbers that rarely make complete sense. At NS Accounting, we know that those numbers are more than meets the eye. Your business, your dreams and your employees depend on us getting them right.
So we make sure we don’t fail you.
We know that behind any tax report, there are humans. And we work for them. We work to keep them safe and to empower them to follow their dreams.

We Know What You Need

As Chartered Professional Accountants, we are more than familiar with the current rules, laws and requirements for businesses of all sizes in the Greater Toronto Area.
Why wreck your brains trying to understand how the latest laws impact your business?
We’ve got you covered! It’s our job to be in the loop with everything that changes, so you don’t have to waste any time on it.
In other words – you do what you do best. We’ll do what we do best – manage your finances.

We Only Hire the Best

…and we make sure that all your employees stay the best.
In the financial and accounting industries, it’s easy to lose touch and let new rules and regulations creep up on you without warning.
At NS Accounting, all our personnel undergoes continual training. We learn all about the newest technologies and newest regulations, so we can always provide you with modern, timely and effective accounting services in the Greater Toronto Area.

We Care about Your Bottom Line

For us, accounting is more than forms submitted on time and invoices that look neat and professional. While these are important, too, professional accounting is more about making sure that your profits are what you deserve them to be.
At NS Accounting, we only feel that our job is well-done if we helped you improve your bottom line. To that end, we’ll advise you whenever you need it and we’ll make sure that you benefit from all relevant tax cuts and benefits in the Greater Toronto Area.

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