Tax Preparation & Filing


Tax Preparation & Filing

Taxation is challenging, complex and time-consuming if you’re not an expert in the field. It’s often hard to know for sure what taxes you owe and what taxes you are exempt from based on your income/revenue, organizational status, number of employees and several other factors.

We can help!

Luckily, at NS Accounting, we have a reputation of being some of the most trusted tax experts in the Greater Toronto Area. We have advised countless companies of all sizes on all matters related to taxation.

What makes a great tax specialist, you ask?

We’re happy to answer!

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At NS Accounting, we strongly believe that a tax expert or advisor shouldn’t simply take a reactive position. A tax expert worth of that name should always tackle tax planning service in a pre-emptive manner and always work to identify opportunities that help you protect your assets and earnings.

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In other words: an excellent tax advisor in the Greater Toronto Are should continuously work to improve your bottom line. This kind of work cannot be limited to end-of-month or end-of-year financial summaries and filing.

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We will continuously work with you to ensure that taxation doesn’t affect your bottom line and your profits more than it needs to. We are experts at identifying the best tax solutions for both corporate and personal needs.

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Our approach is simple, but very effective: we always strive to keep you compliant with all the current rules and regulations, while at the same time maximizing your tax breaks.

Looking to work with a trusted tax partner?

NS Accounting’s approach has been vetted and thoroughly tested. All our advice is practical and its efficiency is proven by all our happy clients.

We can help you with income and commodity taxes, succession and estate planning, acquisition, reorganizations, mergers and many more. The NS Accounting strategies include (but are not limited to) alternative structures and trusts that are tailor-made to your complex needs.

Some of our tax-related services are:

  • Medical expense tax credit

  • Personal taxes

  • Corporate taxes

  • E-filing T1 general tax returns

  • Sole proprietorship (T2125)

  • Condition of employment expenses (T2200)

  • Identifying opportunities and/or issues

  • New home buyers tax credit

  • Child care tax credit

  • Child activity tax credit

  • Acquisitions, reorganizations and mergers

  • Tuition tax credit (T2202)

  • Transfer pricing

  • Tax compliance and tax consulting

  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

  • Tax advisory services

  • Commodity tax

  • International tax

We can help!

Got correspondence from the CRA? Are you currently negotiating with the CRA? Need to catch up as you didn’t file your taxes in the previous years?

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Forget about stressing over letters from the Canada Revenue Agency or late filings. We can help you with all that and many other tax-related issues. We have negotiated a lot of tax settlements with the CRA for our clients.

Call us for expert advice and immediate help!

We can help you solve an immediate problem or take over your tax administration for you. Alternatively, we can always act as your advisors whenever you need us.

The choice is yours – we are always here for you!

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